At Marlin Rentals we strive to provide the highest level of service as well as the highest quality products for our customers. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Will someone provide instruction on the safe operation of the equipment?

Yes, if instruction is needed, we will provide instruction on the safe operation of the equipment. The Operator’s Manual should be consulted before operating the equipment.

What are your hours of operation?

Normal operating hours are Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm

Will I be charged a cleaning fee?

Cleaning charges may apply, depending on the condition of the returned equipment.

When is the equipment due back?

For a 1 day rental, the equipment is due back 24 hours from the time of rental.
For a 1 week rental, the equipment is due back 7 calendar days from the initial rental date and time
For a 1 month rental, the equipment is due back 28 calendar days form the initial rental.

I am hiring someone to operate the equipment, if they damage the equipment will I be responsible?

Yes, the renting party is responsible for the safe operation of the rented equipment. Liability for any damages to the equipment will fall on the customer.

What type of vehicle will I need to pick up the equipment?

Depending on the equipment you are renting, a 1-ton pickup truck may be required. When inquiring about equipment please ask your Marlin Rentals representative regarding additional vehicle requirements.

What are your rental requirements for a non-account customer?

A valid driver’s license and home/cell phone number, and payment for the rental with a credit card.

Can I pay cash or do I have to use a credit card?

A credit card is the preferred method of payment for all rental transactions. Cash for rental agreements may be accepted in special circumstances and must have approval from the manager.

If the equipment is being delivered, do I have to be there to sign for it?

Yes, a signature is required to have equipment delivered on site. Anyone authorized by the renting party may sign for the equipment or on site prior to drop off.

If I decide to cancel my reservation, will I be charged a cancellation fee?

We understand that jobs do not always go as planned. There is no fee to cancel an order and no fee to reschedule an order with 24 hour notice.

How far in advance can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made as far in advance as needed.

I had a flat tire on the equipment/trailer. Am I responsible for the flat repair or tire replacement?

Yes, damage to tires or tracks during the rental is the renting party’s responsibility.

You may also place a service call to our main office and our third party tire repair service may be dispatched to make repairs, if possible, on location.

Is there a number for service after hours?

Yes, you may call your local branch or you may call our call center (361-784-RENT).

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Yes, unless otherwise stated by law.

What are overtime hours on the equipment?

Rental durations are divided into three general groups: daily, weekly, and monthly. Rental time is calculated by calendar days and operating time.

  • For a 1 day rent, you are given 24 hours possession time and 8 hours operating time.
    For a 1 week rent, you are given 7 days possession time and 40 hours operating time.
    For a 1 month, you are given 28 days possession time and 160 hours operating time.

Should your operating time exceed the limit allotted within the daily, weekly, or monthly possession period, a pro-rated overtime rate will apply. The pro-rated charges depend on the equipment rented.

Do I need to put fuel in the equipment before returning it?

The equipment must be returned with the same amount of fuel it had at the time of rental, similar to a rental car.  Failure to do so will result in a fuel replacement charge.

Does the equipment need to be cleaned before being returned?

Yes, you are responsible for returning the equipment clean. There is a cleaning fee for any equipment that is not returned clean.